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By Honorable Reverend Dennis James Robinson
Of all the thousands of wedding ceremonies performed, I was under the impression that I had seen it all.  Ceremonies have varied in emotion over the years.  Some of the most memorable weddings have included rites of passages selected by the bride and groom, or they have taken humble advice to include such modalities as mentioning the name of a loved one either in a nursing home or one who is deceased.  Some have chosen to mention relatives living far away and unable to be a part of this great festivity.  Some brides and grooms recognize their mothers in a ceremony by presenting them with a single red rose which is a symbol of love and nurturing.  Some people cry incessantly when a soloist sings that special song that makes every emotional tear release itself from your eyes almost at will.  Probably the most emotional and moving aspect of a wedding ceremony is the presentation of a FAMILY MEDALLION to a child either from a former marriage or former relationship.
This two or three minute presentation and ceremony, which can be adapted to fit the needs of the wedding couple and time constraints, has been the most impacted addition to a marriage ceremony that will probably ever exist.
Massachusetts Wedding Ceremony Very often marriages have prototypically been viewed as the union of two lives, two hearts and two families united into one.  But what about the children who witness their mother or father marrying someone else and they now are forced to join a new family?  Often these feelings of insecurity or loneliness are augmented by the fact that an unknowing parent feels that their child would be best served by giving them an insignificant title of ring bearer or flower girl.  Most children then rehearse walking down some sort of aisle having their picture taken and sit down and remain quiet and motionless for the duration of the ceremony.
More than one in four marriages in the United States involve divorced or widowed people with children.  Yet very few; if any, of the marriage ceremonies performed by ultra traditional officiates and those of the uninformed rank and file recognize how the children are feeling at this time of their lives.
Many studies have shown that most children accept a parents remarriage more readily when they feel they have been an integral part of the wedding plans and are given some tangible symbol of being loved and embraced by the new person in their parents lives.
WHAT IS THE FAMILY MEDALLION? family medallion ceremony
This oval pendant with three equally merged circles is a representation of the marriage union, but the third circle represents the children that will start this new family from this day forward.  All circles touch and all circles are the same size or of equal importance.
The origin of the Medallion was brought forth by the Reverend Roger Coleman, Chaplain of Urban Ministry for the Community Christian Church in Kansas City, MO.  Reverend Coleman was marrying more and more persons who had children from previous relationships.  It was his experience that the ceremony was one that focused entirely on the bride and groom and children at the wedding had a tendency to often act out as a form of need for attention.  The presentation of The Family Medallion leaves children feeling elated with emotion.  At the reception much attention has been focused on the children as they beam with pride in showing off their awards, or as one child put it, My wedding necklace.  Even a year later children are seen wearing their Family Medallion and showing it to everyone.
Recently in a Judeo-Christian ceremony with a presentation of two Medallions to the sons of Peter Isaacson, his bride-to-be, Lynne Bergstrom of Hopkinton, MA, wanted to show her love for these two boys by marrying them too.  The boys were slightly fidgety during the beginning of the ceremony, but when they were presented the Medallions they were genuinely stunned and overcome with emotion.  The entire audience was overcome with emotion and, at times, I have to restrain myself from weeping openly no matter how many times this ceremony is included in a wedding.
If there is music available, whether it be recorded or live, the children respond motorically to something that is recognizable to them such as, A Whole New World from Aladdin or a song from The Lion King.  Any one of the Disney songs seems to set such an emotional ambiance for this aspect of the wedding ceremony.  This part of the presentation does not take very long but the fond memories last forever.
Honorable Reverend Dennis James Robinson is New England's most popular Justice/Clergy.
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