New England's Most Popular Justice of the Peace/Clergy
Services include:

The Prenuptial Conference

After booking your wedding, each couple will have the opportunity to meet with Honorable Reverend Dennis James Robinson for complete planning and selection of the wedding ceremony.  The couple will pick any customs or wedding traditions such as readings, unity candle, etc.

The Rehearsal

If a rehearsal is required or requested, Honorable Reverend Dennis James Robinson will run the rehearsal from start to finish.  Honorable Reverend Dennis James Robinson shows how to escort people to their seats by using social etiquette, how to pull the runner down, how fast to walk, etc., and how to stand in formation for the photographer or videographer.


  • Copies of ceremonies are prepared and given, if requested, to the bride and groom.
  • Honorable Reverend Dennis James Robinson is fluent in many languages and has his ceremonies prepared in 24 languages.
  • Honorable Reverend Dennis James Robinson brings a wireless, lavalier microphone to each ceremony to avoid wires, microphone stands, etc.
  • A special Certificate of Marriage, suitable for framing, is also presented to each couple.  This invaluable certificate can be taken on a honeymoon, as state licenses are not immediately available.
  • Ministerial Services:  Honorable Reverend Dennis James Robinson is also a non-denominational, ordained minister and performs many weddings in and out of state in churches, chapels, etc.  He has baptized or dedicated many children of people he has married.

About Honorable Reverend Dennis James Robinson
wedding ceremonyHonorable Reverend Dennis James Robinson is a nationally recognized lecturer, author, therapist and humorist who specializes in the fields of crisis intervention, aggression, and stress management.  Often labeled the "Leo Buscaglia of the East," he is widely known for leaving audiences to a standing ovation.  Sensitive, personable, dynamic, and humorous, he is also considered a great communicator.  He is most comfortable with two or 2,000 people.  He has appeared nationally on many radio and TV programs.  He is also a three-time Past Master of the Masonic lodge in Hopkinton.
JP He performs wedding ceremonies in Massachusetts and other states as a Justice of the Peace and non-denominational clergy. He has performed thousands of ceremonies in many locations - including chapels, hotels, function facilities, mansions, parks, gazebos, boats, homes, and churches.  He often lectures to companies around the country, where his audiences have included executives, teachers, hospital staff, police and fire academy attendees, corrections officials, mental health professionals and others.
In the wedding profession, Honorable Reverend Dennis James Robinson is considered a walking encyclopedia of information on organizing ceremonies.  He has attended seminars on etiquette, positioning, planning, and problem situations, as well as teaching his own seminars for various groups in the wedding business.  His rehearsals are conducted with precision, perfection, and flair.  He has authored several articles on various aspects of wedding ceremonies which have been published in several bridal magazines. Justice of the peace
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Honorable Reverend Dennis James Robinson
New England's Most Popular Justice of the Peace/Clergy
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